Quinoa patties

I discovered a delicious new way to eat quinoa…from my very healthy, exercise eccentric college roommates. So in hopes to recreate that, I looked for an easy quinoa patty recipe!

And, I found a delicious recipe from a favorite food blogger – How sweet it is – Jessica is such an amazing cook/baker and so creative!

The recipe I used is on her website – Crispy quinoa sliders – but I added slight modifications!

Instead of green onions, I used 1 whole, sweet onions. Chopped.

I added more garlic than the recipe called for – I’m super generous with my garlic, especially when I’m in charge of the kitchen (must be a Korean thing).

Tips – depending on the consistency of your mixture, you could add a tad little bit more of the bread crumbs or chick peas to ensure that your patties stick!

In the frying pan..my entire apartment now smells of quinoa patties! Never a bad thing. Yum!


I didn’t eat them as sliders..but by itself with avocado! The flavor is good because of the sweet onions, carrots, and garlic!

Today’s lunch! Instead of eating them as sliders, I made a bed of kale and spinach mix. Topped it off with avocados! Again, I didn’t use any dressing because the patties itself was flavorful enough for me that it was good by itself with the greens!

But I think it would be delicious with a ginger based dressing or with hummus or tzatziki sauce!

Enjoy! -j


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