Korean seafood jeon (pancakes) – 해물전

If you think pancake is only for breakfast, think again!

전 (jeon), which translates to pancake, is one of Korean’s staple cuisine! It’s categorized under “반찬” (banchan) aka side dishes!

Have you ever eaten at a Korean restaurant?

Before you even get your main food, Korean restaurants usually bring out plethora of these small dishes to eat with your main course (I usually start eating my rice with these small dishes before my food even comes out… of course, duh)!

Los Angeles Times, six koreatown restaurants with great banchan

Doesn’t that just make your mouth water!??

In Korea,  “반찬” (banchan) is usually prepared based on what’s in season – to prepare using fresh ingredients!

I can almost guarantee you that there will always be some sort of pickled vegetable, or kimchi on the table.

my mom’s homemade kimchi

Koreans love vegetables. It’s amazing that there are so many different ways to season one vegetable.

Back in the day…when Korea was ruled by Kings, the number of “반찬” (banchan) you had on the table signified your wealth. 

If you’re adventurous, you should stop by your local Korean restaurant and try it out! (try the 반찬” (banchan) with your rice before your main food gets to your table :P)

But if you’re up to the challenge, keep following along and make your own  “반찬” (banchan)!

This is a seafood “반찬” (banchan). You definitely don’t have to add any seafood but..who doesn’t love ’em!?

Or you can make it with kimchi too!

I tried both.

Here’s what you’ll need – pancakes:

1/4 tofu (firm)

1 egg

1/2 – 1 cup flour


Optional: seafood (shrimp or squid, clam), kimchi, OR other veggies (zucchini, onions, green onions)

Directions: in a medium bowl, mix tofu and egg. While mixing, add flour to create a dough-like consistency (if it’s too watery, add more flour as you mix). And add your kimchi or seafoods or veggies! You may have to add more flour so that your kimchi/seafood/veggies stay together. Heat pan with olive oil. Pour batter into the pan. Let it sit for few minutes for the bottom to brown ~ 2-3minutes. Then flip. Cook for another ~2-3minutes. And serve! 

{If you do add seafood, kimchi, or veggies – make sure to finely chop them. Also, to add more flour to get a dough-like consistency of your mixture.}

Soy sauce dipping sauce: soy sauce and vinegar, 2:1 ratio.

i used my kitchen scissors to cut the kimchi

It takes a lot of time and hard work making kimchi. I’ve helped my mom but I’ve never made it on my own. My mom is a saint…..thanks mom!

So normally, I would go to Hmart or a Korean grocery store or even a Korean restaurant and buy a jar of kimchi!

kimchi jeon (김치전)
seafood jeon (해물전)

I usually make way too much food..always. So I put them immediately into a zip lock bag and put it in the freezer. Put maybe 2 or 3 pancakes in the bag to freeze (or however many you might want to eat, because it’s hard to separate 10 frozen pancakes when you maybe just want 1). 

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy! -j 


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