Breaded, crunchy, crispy zucchini 

Super easy recipe to dress up your zucchini!

It’s a good side dish for rice…obviously.

Or a yummy snack 😉

So I usually use white flour but didn’t have any. Instead, I found  Panko breadcrumbs and Bob’s almond meal/flour in my pantry…

So…tada! I present to you, breadcrumbs and almond flour.

Let’s coooook!

zucchini using almond meal/flour

What you’ll need:

  1. 2 zucchini
  2. 2 eggs
  3. Salt/pepper
  4. Panko’s breadcrumbs or Bob’s almond meal/flour

Picture directions:

  1.   Wash and chop your zucchini like so. If you want it super duper crispy-like, slice it more thinly than mine.
  2.   Beat the eggs, add a pinch of salt and pepper for taste.
  3.   Using flour – cover the zucchini with flour first, then dip it into the egg mixture. Using breadcrumbs – dip zucchini into egg mixture first, then cover with breadcrumbs.
  4.   Dip the flour covered zucchini into the egg mixture (vice versa when using breadcrumbs).
  5.    Use medium temperature – flip only once. So let it sit for a goooood 3-4 sizzling minutes.
  6.  You want ’em nicely toasted like this 🙂

And it’s done!!

Can you guess which zucchini is deliciously covered in almond flour or crunchly covered in panko’s breadcrumbs?

Almond meal/flour – compared to regular white flour, the almond meal/flour gives it a heartier flavor. It tastes… almond-y like zucchini. And it’s really good! Some of my bites were gritty because I used an almond meal/flour mixture. But overall, I have to say that it’s yummy and hearty!
Panko’s breadcrumbs – mmmmm crunch crunch. It’s pretty crunchy using the breadcrumbs. I’ve never tried this before with my zucchini and it’s ..okay! To be honest, I’m going to rank it #2, compared to the almond flour. I’m actually not a huge fan of using the breadcrumbs for my zucchini. Maybe I cooked it wrong. I should’ve sliced it real thin and then it would’ve been like..fried zucchini!!! Nomz. And who doesn’t love fried food?! Anyways, if you do choose the breadcrumb route, I’d suggest chopping those up real nice and thin!


I personally preferred the almond flour zucchini. But you should totally try both! We all have different taste buds and preferences, so you may just looooove the breadcrumb zucchini 🙂

Enjoy! -j


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