Mushroom & bok choy 

Happy last day of March! Time is flying by and it finally feels like spring here in the NOVA/DC area. My mom was in town this past week. So I blame my mom’s excessive but yet, delicious home cooked meals for the lack of posts 😛

We went to a farmers market in Falls Church this past Saturday. It was really windy and cold, but still made it out there!

 Bought some of these delicious apples.

They’re awesome to cook with meat, Korean white noodles, and more. I’ll post about it later!

Also, bought these awesome mushrooms.

At the Falls Church farmers market, if you walk past the apple stand and across from the delicious smelling crepe stand, there is a guy waiting to sell you some fresh assorted (and colorful) mushrooms. You can’t find most of them in your grocery stores, but you sure can find it at this farmers market.



  1. fresh assorted mushrooms
  2. olive oil
  3. garlic
  4. bok choy
  5. salt/pepper for taste


  1. Dry your mushrooms
  2. Yes, I know what I wrote up there. Have you ever sautéed mushrooms? It gets watery. It’s because they’re moist.
    1. Find a space in your house/apartment where you get maximum sunlight exposure.
    2. lay newspaper
    3. lay mushrooms evenly on newspaper
    4. come back tomorrow
  3. Next day – it should be dry enough that we won’t have excessive water when cooking with our mushrooms.
  4. Add olive oil to a medium sized pot
  5. Add minced garlic (~4/5 cloves, more the better. I love garlic!)
  6. Add mushrooms!
    1. If you have different sizes of mushrooms, add the bigger mushrooms into the pot first.
  7. Cook for ~5 minutes in medium temperature.
  8. Rinse/chop the ends of bok choy. Add to the pot.
  9. Cook for additional ~7 minutes.
  10. Add the smaller mushrooms/add salt and pepper for taste.

And it’s done! Take it off the heat, and eat.

You’ll know when the bok choy is done – the leaves turn bright green and the white stalks become slightly translucent (like the picture above).  Be careful not to burn your tiny mushrooms and minced garlic. Add more olive oil if needed.

*Side note – if you want, you could add 1 tbs of water and cook with the lid at a low temperature. This gives that “steaming” effect on your veggies.

It makes a great side dish with your steak, shrimp, or whatever you are having.

But it’s especially delicious with a bowl of rice 😉

Enjoy! -j


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