Korea: Day 4 

It’s Friday, 11/13/15, 10:00PM here in Korea (8:00 AM-EST Friday in US). 

Went to another temple today. Are you tired of my pictures yet? This is a very modern temple. It’s modern because it’s not thousands years old – it was built recently. But beautiful regardless. 


Cabbage for kimchi.
We had a delicious lunch after visiting the temple. 


R-Fried pork in sweet rice powder (instead of flour). L-sweet sauce to dip fried pork
Blackbean noodles – 자장면
spicy seafood noodle – 짬뽕


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  1. sincerelylinh says:

    WOW! It looks so beautiful! Korea is at the top of my list for places to go. I like visiting temples. I find there is always something unique about the architecture of each one. I visisted a lot of temples when I went to visit Vietnam and I have to say, the countryside is definitely beautiful.

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    1. J. LEE says:

      I agree! I’m enjoying my visits to various Korean temples (even though I’m a Christian and don’t practice Buddhism). It’s a unique experience and great way to learn about Korean history! It’s amazing how they built these gigantic temples on the slopes of mountains. I hope you’ll get a chance to visit Korea soon! 🙂


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