Korea: Day 5

Hi everyone – it’s 11/14/15 6:45 PM here in Korea (11/14/15, 4:45 AM-EST US).

Today we visited the Hahoe Folk Village (하회마을) in Andong. This traditional village is a major tourist attraction because of its preserved Joseon period-style architecture, folk traditions, books, and old traditions. This special place is a valuable part of Korean culture. The Hahoe village got its name because of the placement in the U-shape of the Nakdong river. The term “Hahoe” translates to the ‘Village Enveloped by Water.’

It’s located near Nakdonggang River and apparently 70% of the village current residents (~120 households) can trace their lineage back to the village’s original Ryus. This place is a national treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Even Queen Elizabeth II visited the village in 1999 as well as former President Bush in 2005. Check out my pictures below!

  Map of Hahoe Folk Village
  Watermill (물레방아 )
  Traditional Korean house.  Description for house (picture below).
    Queen Elizabeth was here (1999). Where are her corgis?
  My sister and I bought two of those masks!  Beautiful fall leaves.
  The masks are used during traditional folk dances and comedy shows.

We left the Village to get some late lunch! It was DELICIOUS – spicy fish soup. If I could rank the restaurants we’ve been to so far, this place takes #1. It was THAT good!

And, this is the drive home. My aunt and uncle live somewhere in the mountains. I wish I had a better camera to capture the road..or the lack of road that they have to drive to get to a city. It’s a one lane road, on a side of a mountain. It’s very hilly and narrow.


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