Korea: Day 6, 7 & 8

Still here in Korea – made it to Seoul (capital of South Korea) on Monday! I’ve been busy exploring and shopping. 

Sunday: went to church and spent time with my aunt and uncle’s church friends. 

My aunt and uncle have two dogs. But this puppy is the cutest! 

Monday: We packed up the car and left for Seoul! It was raining but we still had a blast exploring one of several Korean market districts (namdaemun market).


Meat broth to drink with our cold noodle.   

Spicy cold Korean noodles. 

 Korean metro 


Korean metro

Metro map (Seoul)


Namdaemun market

 Namsan tower (red building)   

Street food – fish stick (my favorite!)

Street food – potatoes    

Beef broth for dinner. Delicious! 

Tuesday: two words- busy day! 

Went to Odusan Unification Observatory (오두산 통일전망대) to view North Korea, Presidential Residence of Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House), Kyobo Bookstore (교보문고)- Kyobo Bookstore is Korea’s largest chain of bookstore located in Seoul, and  Dongdaemun Market- Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district.    

Odusan Unification Observatory 


Viewing North Korea.   

Awesome tofu soup lunch. Tofu is my favorite.       

South Korean President’s house. It’s called the “Blue House” because of its blue colored roof.   

The man who came up with the Korean language. Thanks to him, we have 한글 – Korean letters.   

Korean admiral Yi Sun-Sin (이순신) famous for his victories against the Japanese navy by Turtle ship, also known as Geobukseon (거북선). It’s a large Korean warship used by the Royal Korean Navy during the Joseon dynasty. The ship got its name because of its protective shell-like covering.


Stamp – carved out of wood. And they carve your name (signature) at the bottom so that you can stamp your name on important documents. It’s still very relevant in Korea. Anything you sign, you also need to stamp your name (signature). I picked the one with two tigers facing each other and got my signature carved in Hanmun (한문)-Korean characters. 


Street food   

Street food – kalguksu (칼국수), meat broth noodles. So. Good.     

Look closely. They’re flowers. But lamp flowers! 


Ended the long day of sightseeing with some shopping in Seoul. It was exhausting. They’re opened until 2:00AM. Not sure when the vendors find time to sleep and rest. I bought an awesome jacket though! 


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