Korea: Day 11 & 12

Day 11 – Friday, 11/20/15 was our last full day in Korea. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We spent the majority of our time trying to find good places to eat. I actually didn’t take any pictures! I guess it was such a bittersweet moment that I wanted to take it all in rather than pulling out my iPhone every few minutes.

Day 12 – Saturday, 11/21/15, left our Airbnb at 5AM to get to the airport. And wow. Incheon airport in Korea is crazy …crazy big. There are so many shops and things to look at. We bought some kimbap for breakfast while waiting on our flight back to the U.S.

We flew from and to the U.S. on a non-stop 14 hour flight with Korean Air. I wrote a review about my flight out to Korea, which was pretty much miserable due to a crying baby sitting right behind us. But the flight back to the U.S. was so pleasant, and quiet. It was even a shorter flight than going to Korea (~12 hours). If we have to fly again internationally, we would choose Korean Air again.

Here are some pictures:

Thank you for following along my adventures in Korea! It was an awesome trip and a great opportunity to learn more about Korean history and culture. It was really amazing to go back to the ‘motherland!’ I can’t wait to plan a trip back soon.



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