My name is Jay and I’m 20-something years old living in the Washington, D.C. area. I prefer black coffee, love the outdoors, and enjoy all good food! I created this blog because I wanted a creative outlet for my Instagram-obsessed foodie pictures. I enjoy working on my blog because I get to share what I love with you all.

Why is the blog named “Eat more rice with me” ? Great question! I love rice. Therefore, I think you should too. To elaborate…Korean food is based around rice. I can eat anything with a bowl of rice. Bacon. Eggs. Soy sauce with margarine. Fish. Tofu. You name it! I decided to name my blog “Eat more rice with me” to share all of the delicious Korean dishes that you can recreate and to enjoy with a bowl of rice.

Korean food is my favorite (not to be totally biased). Korean food is full of strong, bold, and complex flavors. My love for food comes from watching and helping my mom in the kitchen. A favorite memory of mine is when we hosted our relatives to celebrate the New Years. We sat around the kitchen, hand-rolling the dough to cut a perfect circle to add a delicious spoonful of clear noodles, beef, kimchi, and other spices for dumplings. It’s a tradition! The dumplings were full of awesome flavors and it was served in so many different ways – steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, dumpling soup, or however you wanted it. But the traditional way to eat our handmade dumplings on Korean’s New Years is in a soup – specifically in beef broth with rice cakes. I love that food brings people together.

You’ll also see some travel photos here. I like to explore new places and try out different things. I like to think I’m pretty adventures. Next on my bucket list is to sky dive in some cool country. And to run the Great Wall Marathon. It takes place on the third Saturday in May every year…whose with me?

No? Well maybe next May 😉

In the meantime, I hope you’ll follow along my blog and try out the recipes I share with you. Let me know if you love (or hate) it! And of course, I’m up for any suggestions or recommendations you may have.

Thanks for stopping by.

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